Date: Saturday July 28th, 2018
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Cobourg Beach
Charity: Fare Share Food Bank Northumberland
Amount Raised: TBA
Entry Fee: $200/team
Teams: 20 Teams
Format: mixed (co-ed), 6 on 6 (4-2 min ratio)


Congratulations to Sofishticated for the win over Bae Watch this weekend.  More details coming soon!

Big shout-out to sMac for the awesome spirit in the semis:  the game stopped when the buzzer went, with sMac in the lead.   After reviewing the rules, sMac went to Sofishticated to restart the final point, resulting in Sofishticated tying the game, and clenching the win with an epic universe point.  This is why ultimate is the best.


PLEASE NOTE: There is no canned food requirement this year.  Would take cash donations in lieu of.

Schedule/Program is now available.

Teams (Confirmed)

  • Smelly Pirate Huckers – DUC, PUL
  • Top Gun – DUC
  • Sofishticated – TUC
  • CawCaw – PUL
  • Lefty Scoober – MIXED
  • HammerTime – HUC
  • Resting Beach Face – TUC
  • Sunny D’s – TUC
  • FrisBee’s – HUC
  • Fun Gao – TUC
  • Royale With Cheese – TUC
  • Jonathan – TUC
  • Bae Watch – TUC
  • OTown Beach Bums – OCUA
  • Catch Jamal – TUC
  • sMac – McMaster Ulti Alumni
  • Strangers with candy – TUC
  • MunchMunch – TUC
  • Those Guys – WODS
  • Monsters & Sons – TUC


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