Tournament Structure

  • Each team will have 3 preliminary games within their pool. After the first three games the teams will be ranked to determine who they play in their next game.
  • The top four teams will make it into the championship round, the next 4 teams will go into the middle round, and the final 4 will go into the consolation round.
  • Teams in Champion and Consolation rounds will play 5 games and the top 2 teams in each will play 6
  • When ranking teams, the order of the teams may be changed so that teams do not play against teams from their initial pool.
  • Teams should do their post game cheers off of the fields unless they are quick. In order to speed play along teams can either do a quick cheer or just shake hands.
  • Captains must report their score to the scorer’s table immediately following their game. Points are awarded as follows: Win – 3 pts, tie – 2 pts, loss – 1 pt as long as you report the score, loss – 0 points if you do not report the score before your next game.
  • All games will be 30 minutes in length with no half times. If games start late then they will be shorter in length.
  • Pool games end on the bell. Whatever the score is when the bell rings is the final score. Even if it is a tie. Do not finish the point. This rule changes for playoffs.
  • During the quarter finals, semi-finals and finals when the horn blows to end the game finish the point. If this point results in a tie, play one more point.
  • Tie-breakers: head to head, most wins, lowest points against, most points for and flip a disc.


UPA (11th Edition) rules are used, except for/in addition to the following:

  • There is no maximum number of players per roster
  • 6 players on the field per side
  • Stall count goes up to EIGHT (not ten)
  • Minimum 3 Females players per side, you are welcome to play more as an Open player, but the opposing team does not need to match.
  • One 60 second time-out is allowed per game but not in last 5 minutes. Please stay on field. Calling a 2nd time-out is a turn over.
  • No half time (the games are only 30 minutes, choose your side carefully)
  • Marking foot blocks are considered fouls (sand in the eye hurts too much!)
  • Bricks are 10 yards
  • The lines are, of course, out. In the case of a heavy wind and the tape being severely curved use the cones as your reference for in and out.

Please remember that this tournament is just for fun and all proceeds go to Charity!!

Have fun and always maintain the Spirit of the Game!

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