Date: Saturday August 6, 2011
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Cobourg Beach
Charity: Right to Play
Amount Raised: $2000
Teams: 16
Format: mixed (co-ed), 6 on 6 (4-2 min ratio)
Winners: Sandy Boxes (TUC)

There were 16 teams in attendance, including teams from Toronto, Niagara and Bellville. The tournament raised over $2000 which was donated to “Right to Play”.

Each team was guaranteed five (30 minute) games and teams making it to the final played six games.


  • There is no minimum or maximum number of players per roster
  • No foot blocks (Sand in the eye hurts too much)
  • No half time (the games are only 30 minutes, choose your side carefully)
  • 10 yard brick
  • 1-60 second time out, but cannot be used in the last 5 minutes.
  • In order to speed play along teams can either do a quick cheer or just shake hands.
  • Points are awarded as follows Win=3 pts, tie = 2 pts, loss = 1 pt
  • When the time expires(horn blows), finish the point, if the game is tied it remains a tie.
  • In the event of teams being tied with the same number of total points the tie breaker will be settled as follows: Head to Head record, Points against, +/-, Flip a coin

Teams (unoffical)

  • Burnt Reynolds (TUC)
  • Nuts (Niagara)
  • Bulldogs (DUC)
  • Courtesy Flush (TUC)
  • You Look Better on FaceBook (TUC)
  • A Few Teachers and a Bunch of Other People (DUC)
  • MMV (TUC)
  • Sandy Boxes (TUC)
  • PFD (DUC)
  • Strangers with Candy (TUC)
  • Storm The Beach (DUC)
  • Wolfpack (TUC)
  • Get at me wolf (TUC)
  • Bellville (Bellville)
  • Slings of David (DUC)
  • Sand Pounders (DUC)

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